MLM d.d. wants to become a globally recognizable company in the field of OEM business, with the ability to offer its services to the most demanding customers in the automotive industry. Our culture is based on strong will and competitiveness, which is the foundation for constant innovation and high-quality solutions that we offer.


We are an innovative and reliable partner to our customers. We want to achieve mutual success in the global market hand in hand with the customer. Trust is our commitment. We represent reliable value to our owners, employees, and partners.


Employees are our strongest and most important link. We are aware that we will fulfill our mission and vision only with strong, stable and motivated employees. Therefore, we will do our best to make our company a possibility and an opportunity for the best professionals in the industry and the region.


  • more than 6,000 tons of high-pressure aluminum castings per year
  • more than 630 tons of forged copper, brass products
  • development supplier