The melting of three different aluminum alloys (Al226 (EN AB 46000), Al231 (EN AB 47100), Al239 (EN AB 43400)) allows us to offer our clients alloys with different chemical and mechanical properties.

We offer a complete solution from concepts through prototypes to serial product – as well as complex geometrical shapes. All necessary operations are carried out in-house, melting -> die-casting -> heat treatment -> sandblasting -> machining -> assembly.

Our products are recognized for their high dynamic strength, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Our focus is on the automotive industry, but we are also present in the lighting industry; in the production of casings for electric chargers and other similar industries.

Emphasis on research and development. We develop innovative solutions for specific tasks in the shortest possible time. In doing so, we emerge from the rich practical experience and technical knowledge of our experts. We pay special attention to high quality, which our customers can always count on.

  • introduction of new aluminum alloys with better chemical and mechanical properties
  • vacuum – in die-casting
  • micro spraying – longer lifespan of the tools and thus a positive impact on the environment


We are experts in the development and production of products for the automotive industry. In our assortment we have various brackets, casings, gearbox casings, powertrain casings, power transmission casings (PTU), rear drive casings (RDU), covers, motor mounts, products for anti-vibration technology… and products from other industries – light casings, electric charger casings, …


We have invested a lot in recent years, so today we ensure a high technological and technical level of production.

  • high pressure die-casting machines from 650 to 2200 tons (Bühler; OMS; Idra)
  • sandblasting machines; vibrating machines
  • machines for mechanical processing (Chiron, SW; Nakamura; Makino)