Forging of copper, brass and aluminum is part of our long tradition. Our portfolio includes:

  • all types of forgings – fully forged solid or hollow forgings with horizontally or vertically forged holes
  • parts for all types of fittings
  • components and finished parts for the sanitary industry
  • connecting parts (nuts, reducing parts, screws)
  • built-in parts for the electrical and machine industries
  • electrical components for the automotive industry
  • battery terminals


  • forging machines – manual presses with a range from 200 to 700 tons and automatic presses from 250 to 700 tons
  • robotic forging trimming cells
  • sandblasting machines, vibrating machines
  • flow sandblasting machine for forgings with brass chips
  • line for ball-type polishing of forgings
  • machines for mechanical processing (Chiron, SW; Nakamura; Makino)


We specialize in galvanic treatment of brass and steel for the following purposes:

  • sanitary and plumbing techniques
  • medical equipment
  • furniture industry
  • metalware
  • automotive industry
  • e-mobility


We offer:

  • high-gloss nickel plating
  • decorative chrome plating
  • copper plating
  • tinning
  • barrel nickel plating
  • powder coating